Rita William


Rita William is an Iraqi singer, recording artist and songwriter. She composed and released her official first CD, album “Shoq Qalbi” in 2005. Rita William is well known for modern folklore, traditional, oriental jazz, old coptic, syriac, chaldean and assyrian hymn music in various language such as arabic and aramic and interfaith dialogue.

Early Career:
Rita William was born in Baghdad, Iraq. By the age of 9 she was picked among her peers in school to represent Baghdad for a vocal contest in 1994. Rita was singing at a variety of local events, including fairs, contests and political events.
Early Life:
Since 1998, Rita has performed concerts with Peace Community Church and did more than 20 concert programs in different parts of Iraq.  She performed in “Concert for Peace” in AL- Moutamarat Palace in Baghdad.
In 2001, she moved to Cologne, Germany and she pursued her passion with music in Germany too.

Rita William had a successful worldwide tour. She visited and performed in Canada, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt.

Besetzung: Solo

Instrumente: Gesang & Bendir

Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Traditionell, Weltmusik

Moderne klassische orientalische/irakische traditionelle Musik, orientalischer Jazz, alte syrische, chaldäische und assyrische Kirchenmusik.

Veranstaltungen: Konzert

Musikalische Einflüssen: Europa, Mittelost


Orte: Rheinschiene (Düsseldorf/Köln/Bonn)


Email: ritawilliamofficial@gmail.com

Telefon: 004915252139662

Website: https://ritawilliam.com/