What is the difference between the ‚musician‘ and ‚open projects‘ categories?

In the ‚musician‘ category, artists who want to book professional gigs can present themselves to event venues. ‚Open projects‘ are participatory projects, continuing education, and music lessons that are accepting new participants.

Can i make multiple profiles?

Yes, you can make a separate profile for each of your projects and music groups. You could also select multiple categories within one profile. hat means that your profile would be come up as both ‚musician‘ and ‚open project‘, for example.

My genres, instrumentation, or musical influences are not one of the options. Why?

We know that categories often constrain and reduce complex topics. Nevertheless, we want to create a platform where users could easily find their favourite music. With the different selection options and the text fields ‚Zusätzliche Genres‘ and ‚Spezifische kulturelle Regionen’, we hope that you can present your musical world as you like.

Is a profile picture required?

Yes, but the picture does not need to be of you. You could use a stock photo from the internet.

Do I have to give my E-Mail Address?

We require your e-mail address so that we can contact you if need be. You don’t need to publish your e-mail on your profile.

How is my data used?

This website is exclusively hosted in the EU and is GDPR-conform. This means that your data will not be sent to servers outside of the EU. You can read our Data Policy page here.

How can I change my profile?

In case you would like to change something on your profile, you can do so with this form or by writing info@musikwelten-nrw.de.

How can I delete my profile?

If you would like to permanently delete your profile, you can send an e-mail toinfo@musikwelten-nrw.de.

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