How-To Guide

Ihrer Name / Your Name

Your name will not appear on the website. We will only use it to communicate with you personally.

Profilname / Profile NAMe

How your profile should be named on the website

E-Mail Adresse / E-Mail Address

For communication with Musikwelten NRW. This address will not appear on the profile.

Beitrag Kategorien / Profile Category

Musiker:in / Musician – select this option if you would like to do professional gigs (concerts, performances, etc.)

Offenes Projekt / Open Projects – Participatory projects and music lessons where new participants can join. If you would like to find new participants, select this option.

Veranstaltungsort / Venue – Stages and other places where concerts, festivals, or other types of events take place.

You can select more than one category. This means, that your profile would be shown as both a Musician and as an Open Project, for example. There is also the option to create multiple profiles for each of your projects and ensembles.

Projektarten / Project Type

Select the options that best describe your project. This enables platform-users to find your project. The options are : Jam Session, Music Therapy, Open Ensembles (ones that accept new members), Other, Music Lessons, and Workshops & Continuing Education

Instrumente / Instruments (Open Projects)

Select the instruments which are suited for your project or which you gives lessons on. The options are: Brass, Voice, Woodwinds, Percussion (drums, santur, mallets), Bowed String Instruments (violin, cello, kamancheh), Keyboard Instruments (piano, organ, harmonium), Plucked Instruments (zither, guitar, harp, oud).

Sprachen / Languages

Select the language(s) that you use in your project. You can choose more than one.

Besetzungen / Instrumentation

Select all the options that apply to your music. This enables users to find the perfect music group for their event.

Instrumente / instruments (musicians)

In this text box you can write which instruments you play in your group

Genre / Genre

Here you can select which genres best describe your music. You can select more than one. These broad categories allow your profile to be found more easily. Under ‚zusätzliche Genres / additional genres‘ you can add more terms. The options are: Blues, Electro & Dance music, Folk & Singer-Songwriter, Funk & Soul & RnB, Hip-Hop & Rap, Jazz, Art music, Latin, Maqamat, Pop & Rock, Reggae, Traditional, World Music.

Musikalische Einflüsse / Musical Influences

In which global region does your music find its influences? These broad categories allow your profile to be found more easily. Under ’spezifische kulturelle Regionen / specific cultural regions‘ you can add a more-detailed description. The options are: Europe, Middle and South America, Middle East, North Africa, North America, East and South-east Asia, Subsaharan Africa, South & Central Asia.

Veranstaltungen / Events

Select the type of events you perform at. The options are: Office Party, Children’s Concert, Concert, Background Music, Open-Air, and Party

Besucher:innen Kapazität / Maximum Capacity

Write here how many people can legally fit in your event venue.

Auskunft und Technik / Tech Information

Here you can write what equipment and technological capacity you have available at the venue.

Orte / Places

Select all the Regions in NRW where you would like to be listed in the search engine. You can select more than one option. For Open Projects and Event Venues, this should be where you are located and/or rehearse.

Beschreibung / Description

Here you can share any other important information with the users. You can write as much or as little as you like.


You can paste the link to your website here.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud

You can paste the link to your social media channels here. Please give valid URLs (no profile names or Instagram handles).

E-Mail & Telefonnummer / E-Mail & Telephone Number

Write your e-mail and/or telephone number here if you would like them to appear on your profile.

Postleitzahl / Postcode

Please write your postcode here so that we can locate your profile on the map feature of the website.

Profilbild / Profile picture

Upload a high-quality photo here. Please make sure you have the rights to the photo first.

Zusätzliche Bilder / Additional Photos

Upload additional photos that we can use elsewhere on the website or on our social media channels here.